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"Exposing yourself to the Fine Arts ,
Maximises your life's potential   " - OPRAH WINFREY

Artist Painting on Canvas
Art Class

A Top Online /Offline Art School / Art  Gallery / Art Therapy Studio

At MONIQART, we cover a full-range of courses across all levels of creativity and education.

As an experienced  Art School, we teach a variety  spanning from the introductory, intermediate , advanced  and professional levels.


We are the only   Art School , which uses evidence based research  and assessment  techniques  to study and enhance  intelligent quotient  through ART based programmes ! [as part of ART AS THERAPY] 

As an experienced Art Gallery we have mentored numerous Artists , conducted Art Meets , Art Workshops , Exhibited Artists works both offline and online , we also conduct competitions , and sponsor Awards and prizes for deserving and innovative Artists..

Our Founder  MONA JOY is an Arts Based Intervention Specialist in India , we undertake  pro-bono projects  for NGOS, corporates etc.

Founder  Director of Moniqart  - Mona  Joy  talking on -Importance  Of  Art In  Early Childhood  Education   while training   Art Teachers in a Teacher Training workshop.