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HYMN Come, Thou Almighty King-Italian Hymn
welcome to our online show ! 
september  to     December are    the months  of  GODS  !
please go through the slideshow of works by Artist Mona  Joy 
themed - "All Gods together"
please email requests of purchase or  chat  for more info !


Welcome to our Online Art Gallery


Established since 2006 , MONIQART Gallery , has been providing, mentorship , training and guidance to over 1000 Artists, !  our vision is that Artists  sell their physical as well as digital of their ART works  , come Join the  E-Revolution ! 

Online show Curated by Mona Joy 


MONA JOY  founder and creative director - [ Moniqart online Art SCHOOL]  
The new normal is in the digital world , these works called - ''Transition '', are created by enhancing the manual sketches , original studies of ''sunset '' done by the Artist in 2004 .these digital sketches are available as Digital prints; only  for download ! please go to our E-store to pay and download.

DIPTI KUBAL  Fine Art Student [ Moniqart online Art SCHOOL]  

has been learning Art for over a year and has been chosen to exhibit these exceptional recreations of Egyptian Art 

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