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Art therapy is a therapeutic approach that promotes healing by tapping into and revealing an individual’s deepest thoughts and feelings through the arts. Practitioners have  completed training in both art and therapy.

Eligibility - psychology and Art therapy students.

  • Our mission is to provide experiential learning to foster socio-culturally attuned creative practices in the theory, reflection and application of art therapy counseling.
  • Our vision is that art therapy counselors cultivate creative, just and healthy communities.

Advantages of ATCP

  • Availability of graduate INTERNSHIPS.
  •  practicum settings for art and therapy learning.
  • A vibrant community arts scene.
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio.
  • The opportunity to learn from practicing Art therapists

ATCP-art therapy certificate programme

₹65,000.00 Regular Price
₹58,500.00Sale Price
  • Duration : 9months , Daily 2 hours attendance ,tuesday to friday or saturdays 8 hours ,   300 hours of studio work 

    internship -3months/300hours  [ inclusive ] 

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